just submit your favourite All Time Low quotes :)

if there are any questions the ask is below. all the links should be laid out easy to find but the archive link is there just in case.

oh, i'll accept quotes from crew members, too. :]
rockywillows asks: Where'd you get the quote of Alex talking about suicide? You know, making the fan promise he/she wouldn't do it? Is it from an interview or something?

i don’t know where it’s from, i saw it on another post on tumblr;

there’s only one thing left in the queue and that posts in ten minutes, so feel free to submit any quotes :) 

i’ll accept:

  • quotes from live shows
  • quotes from twitter
  • quotes from interviews
  • quotes from STD
  • lyrics

so yeah, go ahead, don’t be shy :)

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submitted by bandteesandskinnyjeans